Sunday, May 27, 2012

pixie lott @ KL-Live

I don't care much for local airwaves so the first time I heard about Pixie Lott was in late 2010. Back then, I worked in a coffeehouse and I had this friend who would regale me with her cerekarama of boy-girl drama as she and her housemates were all 'players'.

"Don't hate the players. We're just playing a (sick) game!" she would say :D

On this particular day, she seemed occupied and I knew better than to engage her. Several times that day, her cell would buzz and a haunting melody would play for a few seconds before all was quiet.

When our shifts ended and we were on our way out, we talked like normal and I casually asked her about the song.

That day was the beginning of my infatuation. When I youtube-d her that night, more came along and I was star struck. It didn't strike me odd that a tiny person would be gifted with such a strong, sultry voice but then again, many singers and their roller coaster weight issue did little damage to their talent, so there!

Thanks to the kind people from 8tv, I had a couple of complimentary passes and Donkey was surprisingly keen to catch some of the action, too!

When we arrived at KL-Live, there was already a long line spilling onto tar as everyone were orderly awaiting their entry to the hall. It was free standing with the upper decks reserved for media, VIPs and the likes. By the time it got to our turn, the hall was filled with screaming teens and the occasional salt & pepper head.

As luck would have it, the marshals opened up a new section and Donkey hurried me in that direction. We stopped moving once we got to a spot as he figured it'd be our best bet seeing that the hall was filled to the brim by then. Only pockets of space far behind the crowd were available and we didn't want to risk it.

Here're some pics from last night.

Beautiful, beautiful girl blessed with an awesome, distinct voice. I'll think about this showcase often!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

postcard #1

Taken at the junction of Jalan Dang Wangi and Jalan Sultan Ismail after supper.

I live in a beautiful city *beams*

- I'm tripping to Rochelle Diamante -