Thursday, June 21, 2012

what's with 'quirky hippie', fatty?

Many years ago, I went to a Bright, Roving, Annoying Teens (BRATs) workshop organized by The Star, Malaysia’s most widely read newspapers. My submission was 2 days late and faxed to the office, and of course I had to pick the farthest campsite – there were 4 workshops held in a year and the one I picked was in Mukah, Sarawak. 5 days away from my parents were a lot of fun so I scouted for more camps to attend. At one point, it was down to OBS and Supercamp so I decided, by the flip of a coin, to do the camp instead of roughing it out with Mother Nature :)

The camp was a turning point. My mum thought I was a lot more different after the camp. She still can’t put a finger to it and if I had to guess, it just seemed like I had a little more life in me. Post camp, I wrote a series of entries for the kind sponsors and the only one that is used to date in many of their marketing collaterals is this.

Shortly after that, I left my (then) sleepy town to study in Limkokwing.

Didn’t walk away with a paper but with a can do attitude, I started stringing for the press and landed my first job in a 2 bit publishing house that is still around to this day, even though the publishing schedule is wayyyyy off track.

Many people tell me I’m random in our conversations, and that I’m a bubbly ball of sunshine to hang with. I don’t suppose it’s relative to my weight but there must be a tiny bit of truth? Right after I started working, I met more interesting people and started the tradition of running away to Perhentian at every chance I could afford – usually for a week or two. This part of my life is a hazy recollection now, and I can’t figure out how I ever got there via the public buses and rickety boats so those of you who’re baddd asses in their early adulthood would know my activities there *wink*

Not too long ago, I spent Happy Hour with some friends whom I haven’t seen in the past 4 to 6 years, and one of them used ‘hippie’ to describe my disappearances circa late 2000s. They knew I was out there, basking in the sun and working to fuel my exile, but that was it. That, coupled with my randomness and weird shit that travels unfiltered from my obscene head to my mouth, needed a flattering descriptive term.


One too many drinks and a crazy bout of insomnia later, thequirkyhippie was born! *pops confetti and guzzles more Umeishu*

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

sequence of thoughts & tricking out my blog

Having a blog is a wonderful thing. I have all the space in the world to put out my thoughts, and hopefully take some of the ideas here and transform it into a book (if not now, then maybe in my twilight years!).Judging by the stats, the revival of this blog is quiet but I'm pretty sure it will pick up. Since I got back to writing heavily in late 2010 due to work requirements, I've had some feedback and many a chance for improvements. The most common being I don't write in simple prose, and having to simplify the vocab so it would be suitable for an average person.

During the first few months into work, it was utter chaos and having to churn out copies instantly was no mean feat. A lot of times, it was a hit & miss and that is still the case, now. The situtation is picking up but most times, it's about picking the right battle and/or war. 'Too many cooks spoil the broth' rings true here :)

That aside, having to collate my thoughts and putting it into a flow is another hard nut. I'm pretty random so a lot of times, there'd be many spins and takes to a campaign that I tend to run off tangent. To fix this, I've learnt to listen closely when the Managers are talking, decipher it in my own terms and bounce it off them before the meeting adjourns so we're all on the same page. If you think too many cooks spoil the broth, wait till you work in a chinese kitchen with every slanty eyed cook throwing their 2 cents into the pot.

I've begun scribbling keywords onto my trusty notebook and figuring out how the pieces of puzzles fit together in this blog. That, and googling for help to embed videos, music and stuff into this so it's more of an autorun and less clicks for you! It won't be easy so wish me luck?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2009, 2010, 2011, and then some of 2012

For a large part of those years, I spent it wrapping up my stint in Club Med. This was followed by a year long stint running coffeehouses in KL, and moving back into writing - a task which I do pretty well. I might not enjoy the content which I churn out at work but the company's great, money'$ good and it afford$ me little luxuries in life. This blog will be the place I post my 'creative' writings as I reign myself in at work.

I'm largely inspired by Jason Fried's 'Driven too Distraction' article I came across while trolling and I hope you'll find it equally inspiring, too.

An important event this year reignited my love for the arts - I did a 2 week holiday in Bahamas and New York. It was a much needed break as I had to get out of the rut I've been in since early 2011. That holiday, and this, which i chanced upon in Bali during the annual visit to my better half's side of family. I relate to Rubin's writings because it speaks to me at so many levels, and she has so much more to juggle on her plate! When my turn comes, I hope to hold that plate with pride, and when trying times come, I'll re-read her book for a dose of sanity.

The posts which come after this will be in disarray as I recollect my misadventures in the past years. Please bear with me and enjoy the ride as I'm still tweaking the design and stuff.