Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2009, 2010, 2011, and then some of 2012

For a large part of those years, I spent it wrapping up my stint in Club Med. This was followed by a year long stint running coffeehouses in KL, and moving back into writing - a task which I do pretty well. I might not enjoy the content which I churn out at work but the company's great, money'$ good and it afford$ me little luxuries in life. This blog will be the place I post my 'creative' writings as I reign myself in at work.

I'm largely inspired by Jason Fried's 'Driven too Distraction' article I came across while trolling and I hope you'll find it equally inspiring, too.

An important event this year reignited my love for the arts - I did a 2 week holiday in Bahamas and New York. It was a much needed break as I had to get out of the rut I've been in since early 2011. That holiday, and this, which i chanced upon in Bali during the annual visit to my better half's side of family. I relate to Rubin's writings because it speaks to me at so many levels, and she has so much more to juggle on her plate! When my turn comes, I hope to hold that plate with pride, and when trying times come, I'll re-read her book for a dose of sanity.

The posts which come after this will be in disarray as I recollect my misadventures in the past years. Please bear with me and enjoy the ride as I'm still tweaking the design and stuff.

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