Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pinks & Bear, Reds & Donkey

This is the story of how my friends came to have animal names attached. I'll start with the first christening of my landlady and the rest will just tumble out :)

When she first started going out with him, she was very surprised at his collection of teddy bears. It came in all shapes and sizes, and all colors as well if I may add. A few days after, we were discussing dinner options and she asked me "How now brown cow".

You must know that I'm on the heavy side. You must also know that we've been talking about losing my weight for the past weeks so naturally, this rubbed me off the wrong way and I retorted, "Why are you calling me a COW!??!!?"

she: huh? umm (meekly) it's a phrase. how now brown cow..
me: oh. really?
she: yes -.-"
me: are you sure? really?
she: yes. how now brown cow. it's a phrase. i no shit you...!

And there after, we christened each other Pink Cow(for her - she was wearing a pink shirt at that time) and Red Cow (apparently, I buy t-shirts in all shades of red without realising it). Since we were meeting Alex later, we just collectively decided to call him Bear.

Dating a few months in Maldives, it was only after we took the relationship seriously that I decided it was time for him to have an animal name as well. It was to be Donkey but that's way too long a story for now :)

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